Hollywood Boys Club

Are you watching TV shows written or directed exclusively by men? Do you subscribe to cable channels that produce such shows? Do you buy tickets for movies produced by studios that didn't hire a single female director during a production year? Please don't.
The task of organizing human happiness needs the active cooperation of man and woman. It cannot be relegated to one half of the world.
-- Lillian Wald

Aug 5


From the Lifetime website:


Lifetime Movie Network, which is the second highest-rated women’s channel behind only its sister network, Lifetime Television, offers viewers an array of more than 200 movies and miniseries each month, including exclusive film and cable premieres. To mirror Lifetime’s great success in delivering quality original programming for women, Lifetime Movie Network develops, produces and schedules its own slate of movies and miniseries starring high-profile talent, and from some of entertainment’s top producers.  

It seems everything from Sorority Wars to Mastectomy stories are best told from a male point-of-view:

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